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Professional Gym Machine Commercial Fitness Equipment

Name: Upper limb traction
Dimension: 850*478*3097mm
Main functions: Exercise the wrist, arm muscles, improve ...
Min. Order: 3 Pieces
Park sport equioment Twister

Name: Twister
Dimension: 1500*1500*1800mm
Main functions: Exercise waist, hip, enhance the flexibility of waist.
Exercise method: Hold ...
Min. Order: 3 Pieces
Normal strength equipment Leg Curl V. B/Extension Gym equipment

Name: Leg Curl V. B/Extension
Color: Silver & Black leather
Dimension: 161*103*181cm
Muscle Trained: ...
Min. Order: 5 Pieces
Dimension(L. W. H): 2180*900*1580mm
Packing Measurement: 1130*2340*690mm
Color: Silver grey
Walking Area(L. W): 1570*570mm
Running Deck: 25mm
Belt Thickness: 3.1mm
HP: ...
Min. Order: 5 Pieces
Torso Rotation Body building equipment

Name: Torso Rotation
Color: Silver & Burgundy
Dimension: 125*110*170cm
Muscles trained: Rectus Abdominus, Obliques
Weight ...
Min. Order: 3 Pieces
SH5103 Muscle Muiti Station Gym Equipment

Name: 3 station
Dimension: 2300*2050*2100mm
Color: Black
Main tube: 50*50
Weight plates: 66KGS
One group total 10pcs of ...
Min. Order: 5 Pieces
Popular good quality 3.0HP Motorized Treadmill

Dimension(L. W. H): 2190*960*1580mm
Packing Measurement: 2340*1130*690mm
Color: Silver grey
Walking Area(L. W): 1570*580mm ...
Min. Order: 5 Pieces
2015 Hot sale commercial treadmill

Dimension(L. W. H): 2190*960*1580mm
Packing Measurement: 2340*1130*690mm
Color: Silver grey
Walking Area(L. W): 1570*580mm
Running ...
Min. Order: 5 Pieces
Out side park sport machine Leg massager

Name: Leg massager
Dimension: 535*345*1570mm
Main function: A. Exercise shoulder&knee, relieve leg fatigue B. Exercise the ...
Min. Order: 3 Pieces
Outdoor fitness equipment Horizontal bar

Name: Horizontal bar
Dimension: 1478*114*2200mm
Main functions: Enhance the shoulder and arm strength, exercise ...
Min. Order: 3 Pieces
Good quality park sport machine Wall Bars

Name: Wall Bars
Dimension: 1330*114*2410mm
Main function: Exercise abdominal muscle and train the flexibility of body. ...
Min. Order: 3 Pieces
Professional Sit-up bench outdoor Fitness Equipment

Name: Sit-up bench
Dimension: 1574*930*875mm
Main function: Exercise endurance of abdominal muscle
Exercise method: ...
Min. Order: 3 Pieces
Good quality outdoor fitness equipment Horse ridding

Name: Horse ridding
Dimension: 1050*628*1083mm
Main functions: Strengthen muscles and heart, lung function, ...
Min. Order: 5 Pieces
Chinese No. 1 Fitness Equipment Rowing machine

Name: Rowing machine
Dimension: 1330*1000*1180mm
Main functions: Strengthen muscles and heart, lung function, suitable for ...
Min. Order: 5 Pieces
Double Air Walker Machine

Name: Double Air Walker Machine
Dimension: 1915*560*1120mm
Main functions: Improve physical coordination, balance, aerobic capacity
Exercise ...
Min. Order: 5 Pieces
2015 New Design Outdoor fitness equipment

Name: Sign board
Dimension: 1280*114*1425mm
Main function: Show the instruction and attention content of outdoor fitness ...
Min. Order: 5 Pieces
Gym equipment Fitness Dumbell Rack

Name: Dumbell Rack
Color: Silver
Dimension: 234*73.6*84cm
Min. Order: 3 Pieces
Adjustable Abdominal Trainer

Name: Adjustable Abdominal Trainer
Color: Silver & Burgundy
Dimension: 180*65*99cm
Muscles trained: Rectus abdominis, external ...
Min. Order: 3 Pieces
Body building equipment fitness equipment Flat bench

Name: Flat bench
Color: Silver & Burgundy
Dimension: 130*51*46cm
Min. Order: 5 Pieces
SH-6074 Up-side Down Pedal Exercise Machine

Name: Up-side Down Pedal Exercise Machine
Color: Silver & Burgundy
Dimension: 134.5*262*148cm
Muscles trained: ...
Min. Order: 3 Pieces
SH-6073 Up Slant Lift Fitness

Name: Up Slant Lift Fitness
Color: Silver & Burgundy
Dimension: 181.5*186.5*146cm
Muscles trained: Pectoralis Major, Brachialis, ...
Min. Order: 3 Pieces
45-Degree Back Extension sport equipment

Name: 45-Degree Back Extension
Color: Silver & Burgundy
Dimension: 133*79*89.5cm
Muscles trained: Latissimus Dorsi
Min. Order: 3 Pieces
Sport equipment Adjustable Bench

Name: Adjustable Bench
Color: Silver & Burgundy
Dimension: 127*63*114.5cm
Muscles trained: Abdominal crunching for abdominal muscle ...
Min. Order: 3 Pieces
Top quality fitness equipment Weight lifting bench

Name: Weight lifting bench
Color: Silver & Burgundy
Dimension: 186.5*181*117cm
Muscles trained: Pectoralis Major, ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece

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